Tips and Tricks for Upsizing the Tyre of your Vehicle

When you are buying a new car, the first thing that many people would look at is upgrading the tyres and the wheels. There is no doubt that it will add a good visual appearance for the new car. However, you have to handle it with the right technique and effort. Else, it may lead to some potential damage as well. So, here you can find a list of tips and tricks to achieve your goal.

Upsizing tyres diagram

Upsizing tyres for cars with steel wheel rims

Superior look for the car: Good looks is the most obvious reason for picking out the best alloy wheels for the vehicle. Big glinting wheels can aid to enhance and appeal of the car like any other features.

Weight reduction: Unsprung weight is the combined weight of the wheel, tyre and suspension or the weight of the parts that the spring and the bulk of the car is resting on. Here, it is better if it is lighter. Both the ride and handling are considerably improved when it is a lighter wheel.

Enhanced fuel efficiency: The reduction in the mass or the wheel will also tend to an improvement in the fuel economy especially when you are stopping or starting in the traffic.

Improved braking and performance: A reduction in weight of the wheel will also tend to improve acceleration and braking.

Enhance brakes The alloy wheels are designed in such a way to allow a greater airflow to the brakes, and it can considerably reduce the brake fade and increase the durability of the brakes.

Upsize for agility: When it comes to performance especially turn-in and steering responses also will be improved dramatically as the wheel or rims are upsized or taller.

Know about tyre upsizing

The next factor is about getting the right sized tyres. However, before you do that ensure that you understand how it will work. Many aftermarket shops will try and sell you the tyre and wheels that they can make the most profit on. If you get the wrong size, you may not only suffer from the ride and handling, but it will also lead to damage to the car.

There are several methods behind the madness of upsizing the wheels and the tyres. There are reasons that every manufacturer will offer the standard size of tyres and wheel rim on any particular car. It is because the car’s wheels and tyres are chosen to balance the performance dynamics, ride, fuel efficiency and handling. Thus, if you are looking to change the size of the tyre from the standard size, all the effects should be considered. So, ensure you are looking for the right tyre service near me, to assist you.

Choosing the right tyre size

For a successful result, you should know that there is not much scope to deviate from the original total diameter of the tyre without making any drastic change. If you want to calculate the total diameter of the tyre, you can add the diameter of the rim of the wheel to the size of the sidewall. Here is the guide to do it!

You have to read the marking on the side of the car tyre. For instance, it may read 175/70/R13. Now you know that 175 refers to the width of the tyre and it should be in terms of mm. The next is 70 that refer to the height of the sidewall and it is measured in percentage of the width of the tyre. R refers to the radial tyre that is irrelevant for this. However, the next figure is 13 is the rim diameter in inches. So, the total diameter can be calculated as 17.5 cm + 70% of 17.5 cm + 13 x 2.54 cm (1” = 2.54 cm). If you are unsure of such calculations, you can see there are lots of mechanics in Shellharbour. Ensure you have approached the right mechanic for tyres Shellharbour to assist you in calculating the overall diameter.

What to do after fitting?

After you mount the new wheel on the vehicle, you can sit behind the wheel and turn the steering from lock to lock. Now, you have to turn the wheel in both the directions. Check that on full lock the wheels are not touching the inside of the wheel well or any other part of the body. Also, you can check that there is enough space between the tyre and the wheel well to absorb bumps or potholes on your drive. With all these checks, you can go for a drive on an uneven road to test the bigger wheels and tyres are not compromising the quality of the car.

What should you improve?

The number one factor to consider is the aesthetic point of the car. The upsized wheels will improve the appeal and enhance the look of the car. A wider tyre will also offer more surface contact area for the weight of the car to be distributed on the ground and this also increases the traction and grip in the tyre. It will result in an improved drive and stability as well.


Keep in mind that the importance of the tyre and wheel is not only for appearance and comfort alone but for safety factors as well. So, follow the right measures and enjoy the best drive in your car.

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