Tyre care: what every car owner needs to know?

Tyres are the point of contact between you and the road, and proper tyre maintenance is critical for your vehicle's protection, comfort, durability, and fuel efficiency. In Australia it is recommended to buy the car tyres at Dapto to find tyre retailers and mechanical services with over years of experience in the industry. They also provide some valuable and perfect tyre care and safety information that every car owner should know.

Tyre resting on ground

Check the tyres pressure.

At least once a month, you can examine your tyre. In ideal weather, tyres will lose 1-2 psi due to atmospheric conditions. Under inflation will cause tyre damage, and fuel consumption will also increase. High tyre pressure causes bumpy drives and raises the risk of a blowout. Even if your car has a tyre pressure monitoring device, manually check tyre pressure. Low or high tyre pressures are the most common causes of tyre wear, so they should be controlled at all times.

Tyre rotation

Rotating the tyres regularly is a vital aspect of tyre care. To ensure even tyre tread wear, technicians remove each wheel and position it in a different location on the vehicle during rotation. It's important to stick to the tyre rotation schedule outlined in your owner's manual. Tire rotations are recommended for most vehicles every 5,000–7,000 miles or every other oil shift. During a rotation, an experienced tyre professional can check the condition of each tyre. Early detection and correction of uneven tyre wear causes will help keep your tyres from wearing out early.

Wheel balancing

It is best to go for wheel balancing every 5000 kilometres and notice any movements or "shimmy" while driving over 80 kilometres per hour. The car communicates with you by sending vibrations through the steering wheel, which are most likely caused by dynamic misalignment. One of the best money-saving tips for you is to invest a small amount of money in extending the life of expensive tyres. As a result, after the prescribed mileage intervals, wheel balance should be tested and set.

Replacement of tyres

If the tread depth falls below the legal limit of 1.6mm, you must replace your tyres. If your tyres are damaged and cannot be fixed, you will need to replace them. It's important to replace your car tyres regularly to keep you safe, and to make sure your vehicle is running at its best, with the best handling. If the tyres get damaged, don’t try to repair it and push it’s lifespan.

Tyre fitting

Car tyres services in Dapto have experienced and specialized people who could fit and remove tyres from rims because they require specialized knowledge and equipment. The technician mounts the tyres on the wheels and secures them to the axles of the vehicle. The simplest and fastest way to mount your tyres is to use a machine. Following this approach is critical, and we are happy to provide suggestions and quotes to ensure that the job is done correctly and, most importantly, safely.

Tyre repair

When a tyre is removed from the rim and examined, the true extent of the damage can be revealed. There are occasions when issues on the inside of the tyre are not noticeable from the outside. That is why, if you hit a large pothole, you should get your tyres tested. Internal damage can go undetected for months. All tyre damage is irreversible. Replacement is often required to ensure protection. Always get your tyres repaired by a reputable garage. A good tyre repair store or garage can remove the tyre from the rim to fully assess the damage. They will not consent to make unsafe repairs. Hence, always opt for a reputable tyre repair shop.

Flat tires

A puncture caused by a sharp object, such as nails or glass, is the most common cause of a flat tyre. Drive through debris in the road or in parking lots to avoid puncture blowouts. Another common cause of tyre problems is valve stem issues. While there is no easiest way to avoid flat tyres, proper tyre care and knowledge of the underlying causes will help to minimize the risk of getting punctured. Get car tyres near you and ensure the tyre quality as they will not get damaged in any road conditions.

Avoid excessive tire spinning.

If your car is trapped in snow, ice, mud, or sand, avoid unnecessary tyre spinning. This could result in tyre overheating and irreversible harm. To free the vehicle, use a gentle backwards and forward rocking motion. When driving a stalled vehicle or using an on-car spin balance system, never stand close or behind as the tyre is spinning at high speeds.

Do not overload the vehicle.

To find out what your vehicle's load limits are, check the owner's manual. Overloading your car puts unnecessary strain on your tyres and other vital components. This can also result in poor handling, higher fuel consumption, and tyre damage. Never install new tyres on your vehicle that have a lower load capacity than those mentioned on the vehicle tyre placard, and keep in mind that rim width is critical for proper tyre load distribution and work.

Final thought

Tyres are designed to last for thousands of miles/kilometres. So buy a quality car tyre near you as it comes for a long duration. Tyres must be properly treated for optimum gain to prevent tyre degradation, leading to withdrawal from service until the tread is worn down to the minimum depth. Thus, the above mentioned are the important tips on how we can take care of the vehicle tyres.

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