What are Kumho Tyres and Why You Should Care?

Getting the right brand to cater to your tyre needs is key to maintaining your vehicle’s life span. Seeing as your tyre is the only part of your vehicle that actually touches the ground, you can’t afford to get things wrong. Do business with the bad tyre guys, and you could be facing months, if not years, of constant tyre changes. However, the opposite is also true. Suppose you’re lucky enough to patronize the right brand, like Kumho Tyres Dapto. In that case, you could be facing all-year-round vehicle happiness (literally).

Kumho Tyres

We bet you’ve probably heard about Kumho tyres somewhere else, whether on a google search or from a friend. With all the hype around these tyre brands, it’s only normal you have questions. Here, we’re getting your questions answered.

Now let’s get you answers to that question on your mind right now; what are Kumho tyres? | Why should you care well enough to patronize them? Well, stick with us till the end of this blog post as we shed more light on the whats, hows and whys about Kumho tyres.

What are Kumho Tyres?

Kumho tyre is a brand that specializes in producing all tyre types you can think of. Currently known to be the 7th largest company (not tyre making company) in Korea, these professionals have beaten the odds and proven that they can stand the test of time. Kumho prides herself in delivering affordable high-performance and all-season model tyres to all of her customers.

Meaning they have a tyre for you all year long. Whether it be for navigating the winter snow or for resisting the summer heat. They’ve got you covered. Their website showcases a tyre type for performance, touring, general use (like driving family and the likes), winter and all season. Check out the website to see the features of each tyre model. Don’t forget to check out the unique characteristics of each tyre type, so you get the best ones for you.

Why care about Kumho tyres?

It’s only normal that you feel a bit reluctant before ordering your vehicle tyres, especially if you haven’t the slightest idea of the benefits of purchasing Kumho tyres Dapto. Here are a few benefits existing customers have testified to.

1. The models

Kumho tyres offer not only top tier tyres but also a wide variety of tyres to choose from. As mentioned earlier, Kumho tyres Dapto offers performance tyres, winter tyres, all-season tyres, and even touring tyres. There’s just no end to their catalogue.

2. The technology

Here’s another aspect Kumho tyres never fail to succeed in; technology. The ECSTA PS91 boasts of having the latest generation silica compound, which enhances its dry handling performance. Not only that, this technology gives the tyre high stability. It improves the steering response - making it excellent as a super performance tyre. Other models like the ECSTA PS71 also showcase the new HDMS (High Dispersible Micro-Silica) compound, giving its outstanding performance on wet and dry roads. Check out other Kumho tyre models on their website to find other cool tech stuff implemented in their tyres.

3. Improved control and stability

Tanisha Verma from tyres.cardekho.com testifies to be a buff in her car’s stability and control after purchasing the KL51 tyres. According to her, the solid centre rib of the tyres is what made her car’s grip with the road tight and with good traction. About two other customers also testified to this same quality. Those were customers who had time to provide feedback about the tyres. Think about the countless others that didn’t.

4. Safety buffs

Mohamad (also from tyres.cardekho.com) lets us in on his testimony. He testifies to six months of bliss after purchasing and using the ECSTA STX KL 12 tyres. “The unique tread pattern offers an enhanced traction effect while braking, which makes the driving more secure,” he says. It all boils down to the tight grip-ability of the Kumho tyres.

5. Outstanding wet performance

A significant problem most car owners face with their tyres is poor traction on wet roads. However, Saleem says, “I have recently installed Kumho SOLUS KH17 on my vehicle, and the best thing I have experienced is the amazing wet traction. It comes with unique sipes that help in efficient water evacuation, which in return benefits the car in producing superior traction on wet roads.” Get yourself a Kumho tyre for the rainy days.

How do you recognize good tyres right off the bat?

You probably know this, but there are some traits any quality tyre would showcase right from the tyre shop. On your next visit to the tyre shop, make sure you look out for:

  • The tread pattern. Make sure the tread pattern matches the one recommended for your vehicle tyres. Also, make sure the depth is even throughout the entire tyre. If they’re any smaller, then you should reconsider buying them.
  • The colour. All tyres are black | at least the ones we see around us. Take a mild abrasive with you and gently scratch a random surface on the tyre. If most of the colour rubs off, then there’s a high chance the tyre was refurbished and not authentic. If the opposite is the case, go for it.
  • Check the code on the tyres to see if they match the ones recommended by your vehicle manufacturer (make sure you learn how to decipher tyre codes before reaching your tyre shop).
  • Only buy tyres from a reputable tyre retailer/company. That’s all there is to it. The best way to get the best tyres is to buy from someone you trust. Or someone with a good reputation.

The next time you’re planning on getting replacement tyres for your vehicle, consider checking out Kumho tyres Dapto. We’ve given you enough reasons from real people why purchasing their tyres could be your best decision yet.

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