Stop Doing Things That Damage Your Car Tyres

Car tyres are one of the parts of cars that get damaged the most. This is the case for many reasons.

Not only do your tyres carry all the weight of your vehicle (and the passengers in it), it also faces some of the hardest treatments your car would ever experience; constant friction with asphalt, frequent introduction to less than ideal terrain, and so on. With all this, it’s actually a wonder that quality car tyres in Unanderra don’t get damaged more often than they actually do.

Not all damages to your car tyres are due to bad terrain or constant wear and tear, however. Sometimes, in fact, the cause of that damaged tyre is actually you. Yes, you heard me right; you might be responsible for the frequent need to repair or replace your tyres. Wondering how this could possibly be the case? Keep reading to find out more!

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Why Your Tyres Keep Getting Damaged

As we stated earlier your car tyre is often put under a lot of pressure. Over time, this alone would damage those poor tyres. There’s nothing you, or anyone for that matter, can do about that. This is why these tyres expire after all.

This natural degradation due to all that stress and wear and tear isn’t the only factor that damages your tyres, however. And while there are many other factors responsible here, we would be talking of one of the influential, and arguably the most dangerous; bad driving practices.

How Bad Driving Practices Affect Your Car Tyres

Think about it for a minute. If, when you do everything right, your car tyres are still under so much pressure and stress, how bad would things get when you start doing things WRONG? Bad driving practices do exactly that. They make things a lot worse for your car tyres.

Wondering what bad driving practices increase the chances of damaging your car tyres? Below are three of them.

3 Bad Driving Practices that Make Your Car Tyres Cry

1. Swerving

I know you must have seen it in countless action movies. The main character of the movie is in a car chase and has to pull off some incredible stunts to escape the clutches of the bad guys. He is then caught in a tight spot, but at the very last moment, he swerves dramatically and that saves the day. Well, let me break it to you; you’re not that guy. And while all the world might be a stage, life is NOT a movie.

Not only does swerving drastically increase the chances of you getting into an accident, but it is also EXTREMELY bad for your tyres.

You see those skid marks that often appear on the ground when cars swerve, especially when it’s a hard swerve? Yeah, that is all the proof you need to know that it’s bad for your car tyres in Unanderra. This is because what you are seeing on the ground are parts of your tyre that have been worn out by all the friction caused by just that single swerve. Do this over time and your car tire would get so worn, it’d either become useless, or worse, get damaged on a ride. Now that is something you DON’T want to ever happen.

2. Racing Over Speed Bumps

Another bad thing to emulate from movies is racing over speed bumps. Like seriously… Why would you ever want to do that when you aren’t racing for your life? It’s not fun, it’s not cool, and it damages your car and especially the tyres.

Your car tyres are not indestructible. Ramming into things affects them, and not in a good way. Racing over speed bumps lead to some really nasty landing, and such impact never does your car tyres ─ or any of the other components of your car for that matter ─ any good.

3. Hard Stops

Now, I know what you might be thinking; aren’t sudden stops sometimes needed? And you are right to think so since they actually are. If you are ever driving and a stroller suddenly rolls right into your path, obviously a hard stop would be the RIGHT thing to do. But this is only in emergencies, however ─ in cases where you have no other option. Outside such a case, you want to avoid hard stops.

You see, hard stops hurt your car in two major ways. One, just as it is with swerving, the sudden halt caused by a hard stop eats at your tyres, drastically eating at its lifespan. This isn’t the worst of it though.

Hard stops also eat at your brake pedals, weakening them quicker than usual. Keep those hard stops up, and you could end up causing more than just a damaged tyre ─ you could end up with a failed brake too!

Other Bad Practices to Avoid

Not all the bad driving habits that affect your car tyres are directly related to driving through. Some others are pre or post-driving practices. Below are some of them.

- Ignoring tyre inspection before your trips.
This might seem like not that big a deal, but in truth, it has some far-reaching consequences. Ignore inspecting your tyres, and you would most likely not notice any issues with your tyres before they become a big deal.

- Overloading your tyres.
Your tyres have an ideal maximum weight they should be subject to. Going past this limit would damage your tyre, no matter how carefully you drive.

- Purchasing bad or low-quality tyres.
Low-quality goods always get damaged much quicker than premium quality ones, and tyres are no different. This is why it is important to get your tyres from a car tyre shop in Unanderra that is reputable for providing premium quality tyres. Anything less and your tyres are in danger.

Are you guilty of any of the bad practices mentioned above? You really should stop them. Remember, tyres are to your cars what your legs are to you. Without them, your car can move. And what’s the use of a car that is immobile? So start taking care of your car tyres, today by stopping these bad practices. Your care would thank you for it.

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