Do I need to change the tyres on my car if I'm driving in extreme heat?

The tyres on your car are crucial because they keep it balanced and connect it to the road. Always pay close attention to your tyres, both in the winter and the summer. For safe summertime travel, take careful care of your car's tyres.

In Shellharbour, summers are bad for car tyres because warm roads degrade tyre health and raise the risk of blowouts and flat tyres. If you follow the automobile tyre care advice and check the tyres' state every day, you won't need to worry about their health during the summer. You may forget about the concerns associated with summer road excursions thanks to the special summer tyres made on the market by Kays Tyres.

How do you spot an overheated tyre?

To avoid a tyre blowout, be aware of these symptoms. Stop and allow your tyres to cool if you see any of them.

  • Hot to the touch – Hot-to-the-touch tyres are the most blatant sign of overheating.
  • Excessive air pressure – Check your tyres for over-inflation using a tyre pressure gauge.
  • Don't rely on tyre pressure monitoring system alerts – Your car's tyre pressure monitoring system is there to let you know if at least one or more of your tyres need to be extensively inflated. When the pressure is too high, it won't sound an alarm.
  • How do you prevent a heat-related tyre blowout?

    Not much can be done to avoid the summer heat if you reside in Shellharbour. However, in the case of your tyres Shellharbour, there are a few things you can do to avoid a blowout while driving in the summer, particularly when travelling long distances.

    Make sure your tyres are inflated to the proper pressure: Depending on your vehicle type, there are different air pressure requirements for safe driving.

    Keep a check on tyre air pressure: Check the air pressure with a gauge before you leave. Check it one more every two hours or 160 kilometres to be extra safe. You should constantly check the tyre pressure before a ride, not only in the heat. Maintaining the tyre pressure and ensuring your old tyre won't interfere with your trip are important considerations if you're planning a lengthy trip. Do not touch the heated tyres; when the car has been stopped for an hour, check the tyre pressure. You can also pour water on your car's tyres to cool them. In the summer, you should have professionals at Kays Tyres check your tyres' pressure daily rather than just once a week on average days.

    Pull over until your tyres cool down: The best course of action in cases of overheating is to wait it out until the tyres cool off. You might be driving on under-inflated tyres, which is just as dangerous if you believe letting some air out of the tyres will solve the problem quickly.

    Replace worn tyres: Already thin tyres are more likely to develop air leaks. Think about investing in "summer tyres" or "all-season tyres" that are made to handle better hot weather.

    Keep to the speed limit: As you move quicker, more friction generates more heat. It raises the possibility of a tyre blowout.

    Be aware of the load weight: The weight on the tyres grows as you load up your car, increasing the risk of a blowout. Overloading a vehicle is a significant contributor to traffic collisions. The car's balance is disturbed when you load your automobile with extra. Most tyre blowouts are the direct result of overloading. Commercial vehicles are designed specifically for loading; however, even with an overload, they might become unbalanced. Always load your car according to the manufacturer's recommendations.

    Keep Spare Tyre: The best form of safety has spare tyres. You are unsure of where you need to replace the tyre. A spare tyre is very helpful if you are travelling on unmarked roads. There aren't many workshops available on the undiscovered roads. A spare tyre will save you time and get you out of a jam. Before the trip, be sure to check your spare tyre as well. All the safety advice listed above applies to your spare tyre in Shellharbour. Before embarking on lengthy journeys, treat your spare tyre and the tyres on your vehicle equally with the assistance of experts like Kays Tyres. Don't chance it; long-sitting spare tyres can lose air pressure.

    Adhere to the advice above if you want to enjoy your tyres for a long time. You must read the advice above to make your summertime driving safe and accident-aware. Since tyres are the primary connection between a car and a road and your vehicle to your vehicle, summers significantly impact your car's tyres. To prevent summer heat stress on your car's tyres in Shellharbour and to keep them in excellent condition.

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