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Tyres has such a profound effect on your car's performance in practically every way (braking, acceleration, handling, and comfort), and tyres are often called the most crucial part of your car. Effective on both dry and rainy roads thanks to its high level of surface grip. To get the best tyres in Illawarra, you must visit us.

a close-up of a tyre on a car wheel

What are the functions of tyres?

It does things like: holds vehicles up, dampens vibrations, lets you turn left or right, and improves your acceleration and braking

What are the properties of tyres?

  1. You need a tyre with a strong grip to prevent skidding.
  2. Tyres mustn't make a lot of noise while you're driving.
  3. Since tyres are responsible for transferring power from the engine to the road, they should allow for as little power loss as possible.
  4. It is important to choose a tyre size and material that can support the vehicle's weight while also withstanding the stresses imposed by the vehicle's rotation.
  5. To avoid unbalance, the tread wear around the tyre should be consistent.
  6. All tyres have been carefully sized and weighed to ensure that the vehicle maintains optimum dynamic balance.
  7. To reduce the impact of road vibrations on the driver, the tyre should have a high degree of shock absorption.

What are the main components of the tyres?

Belts: The plies are held in place by rubber-coated layers of rayon, steel, fibreglass, and other materials positioned in the centre of the tread and across the tyre at right angles. It helps keep the tyres on the road by resisting punctures and allowing for better tread contact.

Tread: The tread is the part of the tyre that makes contact with the pavement. Tyres that last longer have materials with greater strength and better heat dissipation.

Sipes: Traction is enhanced on a variety of road surfaces thanks to the unique tread design.

Grooves: The parts of the tyre that make touch with the road are the open areas on the outer layer. With this gap, water can flow and friction can build up.

Shoulder: The tread's outermost edge transitions into the tyre's sidewall.

Sidewall: It's the part of the tyre that doesn't touch the road and takes in environmental influences. It safeguards cord ply constructions. You may see things like tyre size and type, as well as other markings, on this.

Inner line: The tubeless tyre's inner liner is the tyre's innermost layer. Air can't get in or out, thus it's a one-way valve.

What are the types of tyres?

Tube tyres

These tyres have the highest market share of any type. It houses a pressurised rubber tube of air. Tread, a synthetic rubber used for the exterior, is what we use to describe this material. Steel reinforcing wires are used to shape the beads on the inside of a tyre. The beads effectively anchor the wheel hub. Rayon cords can be used to make a variety of different piles. The tyres' durability comes from the included cords.

Tubeless tyres

This tyre's popularity is skyrocketing right now. Since the tube is exposed, this tyre is not tubeless. When a car's tyres need high-pressure air, it gets it from inside the tyre. This tyre is built the same way as a tube tyre, and it shares the same internal characteristics. The non-return valve (NRV) is located on the rim for easy air filling.

These tyres are more convenient and comfortable than traditional tube tyres. The most notable benefit is that it can maintain its air pressure for a considerable amount of time after being punctured, and a hole in a tubeless tyre may be patched quickly. Pneumatic tyres are another name for these tyres.

How tubeless tyres are good?

  • These tyres are more effective at preventing overheating than others.
  • They improve the ride quality and make the ride more comfortable.
  • These tyres permit a slower rate of air loss.
  • These tyres are lighter than others.

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